ACDC DanceStrong Program

austin city dance club strong wristband program black belt training lessons
Austin City Dance Club invites you to join our DanceStrong program, modeled after a karate studio’s Black Belt program. Each DanceStrong wristband signifies a level of achievement built from ACDC’s extensive, curriculum-based instruction. Participants in the program start out with a white wristband and earn (by participation & demonstration of achievement with testing during our graduation programs) the next color wristband.

█ White: newcomer, new dancer
█ Glowing Green: new novice, just beginning comprehension of basics
█ Teal: novice, with developing national stature
█ Sky Blue: novice, competition-astute
█ Royal Blue: new intermediate, just entering intermediate national ranking
█ Navy Blue: intermediate, competition-astute
█ Maroon: advanced, with extensive national presence
MaroonBlack: all-star, with extensive national presence including competition and teaching
█ Black: champion/professional stature, with extensive national presence including competition, judging, teaching and event coordination
█ Red: in conjunction with levels royal blue and above, designating an ACDC teacher


Download the following class content PDFs for tracking your progress in ACDC West Coast Swing dance classes:


Testing costs each participant $10, and testers will be quizzed on the curriculum and required to demonstrate “open” material including dancing each part, in some cases with the instructors, to music.

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