Lessons with Austin City Dance Club

ACDC lessons are Tuesdays beginning at 6 PM.
Classes are held at Ben Hur Shrine, 7811 Rockwood Lane, Austin.

6 PM   Country Two-Step Level 2
Taletha Jouzdani
6:30 West Coast Swing Level 1
Debbie Figueroa
7 PM   West Coast Swing Level 3
Taletha Jouzdani
Hustle Level 2
Angel Figueroa
7:15 West Coast Swing Level 1½
Debbie Figueroa
8 PM West Coast Swing Level 4
Angel Figueroa
West Coast Swing Level 2
Taletha Jouzdani
9 PM Weekly Social Dance with our Awesome DJs!

Which class do I attend?

Brand new: West Coast Swing level 1; join the class no later than the second Tuesday of the month. If you come later than that, we’ll ask you to wait to join our classes the next month’s first Tuesday. Each week of class builds on the last.

Some experience with West Coast Swing: you may be able to attend our level 1 class later than the second week of the month, but we’ll want to know that you have taken lessons and can keep up with the current class. We’ll talk to you and review our curriculum with you. If you do not know the names of dance moves, have only attended introductory social dancing classes, we’ll recommend you start at the beginning of the next month.

Level 1½: After 3 months with us in level 1, your teacher will tell you if you’re ready to join this level. Level 1½ is not a continuation of particular night’s level 1 class; it’s a whole separate level of lessons.

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